How Prince Harry, Meghan Markle plan to ‘control their narrative’

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior members of the royal family, they were accused of a slew of things which could see them making a comeback on social media.

According to a royal commentator, the Duke of Duchess of Susse**x might be seeking to “control their own narrative: after their royal Instagram handle, @susse**xroyal, was inactive since March 2020 since they made their move to the US.

Commentator Neil Sean, while speaking on his YouTube channel said:

“This particular story ultimately centres on the fact that Harry and Meghan are gearing up allegedly for a busy 2022.

“One of the ideas that they’re looking, is making sure they make their mark in the world of media. After all, this is how they make their money now, as we often tell you here on the show, but what is interesting is how they do make their money and how they make their mark.

“Now, what I find interesting for them, if you recall a few months back now, they decided to quit social media. They said it was a harmful place, full of toxicity.”


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