Harry, Meghan Markle’s need to ‘boost relatability’ like William, Kate

Experts fear Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need to ‘transform’ their current image into something more relatable if they wish to thrive the same way as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Royal commentator Neil Sean made this observation on his personal YouTube channel and was also quoted saying, “It’s interesting to note that with Catherine and William, they have become incredibly relatable.”

“Catherine and William have launched social media in a big way; their own YouTube channel, huge success on Instagram, and on Twitter, and they keep their fans – and I use that term loosely – updated with what they’re doing.”

“Now, according to a very good source out in LA, following the success of the New York trip for Harry and Meghan, they’ve been looking closely at what makes Catherine and William very successful and relatable over here, and wondering whether they should not take that template.”

Per Mr Sean’s opinion, the Susse**x’s need to exude a more relatable image. “They expect their fanbase to be there when they decide to pop up, but the digital world they live in simply doesn’t work like that.”

“You have to work hard to keep the momentum going, and more importantly, be relatable and connectable.”


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