Ezra Miller allegedly kept children on a farm with gun and marijuana.

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According to Rolling Stone, Ezra Miller has been housing a 25-year-old mother and her three young children at their Vermont farm, a living arrangement that worries the father of the children as well as two other people with knowledge of the circumstance.

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The home on Miller’s 96-acre property is dangerous for children to be in because there are unattended guns lying around it, according to two people with knowledge of the situation. One of the sources, who also requested anonymity out of fear of retaliation, related an incident in which one of the children, a one-year-old, is said to have picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.

The rock bible spoke with the children’s father, who expressed concern for the children’s safety and claimed there are unattended guns lying around Miller’s 96-acre ranch. In footage from April, according to Rolling Stone, there were “at least eight assault rifles, handguns, and handguns sprawled about the living room, with some weapons propped up next to a mound of plush animals.”

One of the two additional sources that supported the father’s claims described an incident in which the one-year-old child is alleged to have taken a stray bullet and put it in their mouth. Both of them, according to Rolling Stone, claimed that there is “extensive” marijuana smoking close to the kids and “little” concern for proper ventilation.

The names of those involved are being withheld out of respect for their privacy; however, the father claimed that Miller, who prefers they/them pronouns, met the mother during their turbulent trip to Hilo, Hawaii, in March and bought tickets for her and the kids to travel to Vermont. The father insisted he was unaware of their travel itinerary and that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with or speak with his kids since they left.

I felt sick to my stomach, the father claimed. I do want to go pick up my children because they mean the f-king world to me.

However, the mother asserted that Miller helped her flee the “violent and abusive” father in an interview with Rolling Stone. He disputed her claims.

According to Hawaii court records obtained by Rolling Stone, the mother filed two lawsuits against the father in May 2021: one for paternity that was put on hold last fall because the father hadn’t been served, and one for domestic abuse that was dismissed when the parents failed to appear in court. Every abuse claim has been denied by the father.

It appears that the father filed a domestic case against the mother in April regarding her removal of the kids from state custody.


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