BBC accused of ‘underestimating’ Prince William’s ‘sensitivity’ to Kate

Experts worry BBC ‘underestimated how sensitive’ Prince William is towards attacks on Kate Middleton

Royal biographer and journalist and biographer Duncan Larcombe made this claim while speaking on True Royalty’s The Royal Beat.

There he was quoted saying, “One of the key issues with this BBC documentary is the fact that what they have done is underestimate just how sensitive a subject it is.”

“Prince William in particular that his own brother and his sister-in-law Meghan have accused the Monarch in Oprah Winfrey of briefing and deliberately allowing stories about Meghan that she made Kate cry over the famous row before the wedding and they claim that the story was not true, its the wrong way around.”

“So we’ve got an argument here that who made cry who which is a primary school thing but the palace to take the very much thing not to be drawn in this row.”

“The BBC’s documentary, allowed people to say yeah ‘they were briefing’, ‘they were telling us this’ Harry and Meghan are effectively right.”


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