Yes Mam Web Series on Hunters App, Release Date, Story, Cast, Full Episodes download link

The official Hunters app lets you watch the web series Yes Mam online. Fans and critics of the web series praised it for its presentation. On January 7, 2023, the entire comedy-drama series was released.

It is the second web series original on Hunters App; their first web series original, Karzdaar, starred Jaishree Gaikwad and Shyna Khatri and was released. Jaishree Gaikwad and Shyna Khatri were cast as the main characters in the Karzdaar web series. There are 5-6 episodes in the Yes Mam web series, each lasting 25-30 minutes.

The entire Yes Mam web series is available to watch online on the Hunters App. On their platform, Hunters App has a wealth of content tailored to a particular audience segment. Following two announcements of the Karzdaar and Yes Mam web series, the audience finds the Hunters App to be very promising.

Web series cast for Yes, Ma’am

Kamalika Chanda
Bharti Jha
Andrea Bell

Story of the Yes Mam web series

In the first episode of the web series Yes Mam, a group of 5 students—3 boys and 2 girls—is introduced. Girls bravely reacted when boys started to flirt with them. After class, they consented to a reading group. In the Yes Mam web series, Bharti Jha and Andrea Bell portrayed schoolgirls and boys, respectively.

The boys devised a scheme to splash water on another boy’s intimate parts during the group reading session. Bharti Jha consented to wash it off, and the two of them made a big scene in the restroom. A special girl-on-girl encounter between Bharti Jha and Andrea Bell is also shown to us.

Bharti Jha ignores her best friend when the scene first begins. She confronted her at her house and gave one of the best scenes. It would be Bharti Jha’s first girl-on-girl scene in the regional OTT platforms web series.

In the Yes Mam web series, Kamalika Chanda is currently reprising her role as a teacher. In the web series, her scenes look brilliant and artistically positioned. She is already well-known in the field as Miss Teacher. It was a wise casting choice, in my opinion.

Two episodes of the Yes Mam web series have been released, with episode 2 being the best because it features Bharti Jha and Andrea Bell in their most alluring roles. Hunters App promises to release brand-new, exciting web series that are comparable to Yes Mam.


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