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Mathira is a well-known Pakistani actress, model, dancer, singer, and television host who was born in Harare, Zimbabwe on February 25, 1992. Mathira’s career, age, family, photos, biography, and other information may be found here. Learn about Mathira’s major achievements and accomplishments.

Date of Birth 25 February 1992
Birth Place Harare, Zimbabwe
Residence Karachi, Pakistan
Profession Actress, Model, Dancer, Singer, and Television Host

Mathira Muhammad was born in Harare, Zimbabwe to a South African father and a Pakistani mother into a Muslim family. Rose Muhammad, her sister, is also an actor. She was schooled in Zimbabwe before relocating to Pakistan with her family as a result of the country’s instability.

Mathira Contact Information: Mathira’s contact information has not been confirmed. You may, however, reach her using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Mathira was born on February 25, 1992. In the year 2021, she will be 29 years old.

Mathira Married: In 2013, Mathira married famed Punjabi singer Farran J Mirza.

Mathira Husband: Farran J Mirza is Mathira’s husband’s name. He is a well-known Punjabi singer who goes by the stage name Flint J.

Mathira’s Child: Mathira has a son named Aahil Rizvi. Aahil Rizvi was born in the year 2014.

Mathira Divorce: Mathira announced her divorce on Instagram, expressing her love for her ex-husband as well as her remorse for the relationship. “I did my best to keep the marriage going, it wasn’t easy, and certainly people will misunderstand me in our society since women are often blamed here, therefore yes there is a divorce,” Mathira wrote to her ex-husband on Instagram. Yes, I am the only one who knows what I have been through, and I do not need to tell anybody. In this trying period, I have been and will continue to support myself and my child. I adore and


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