When I was young, I was se**xually abused: Ayesha Omar

Ayesha Omar, a well-known Pakistani artist whose film ‘Javed Iqbal’ will be released in theatres today, has described how her childhood suffering shaped her into a better person.

During an interview, Ayesha Omar spoke about being harassed at an early age.

“When I started working I faced a lot of difficulties, I was se**xually abused at a very young age. I didn’t use to get my payments on time because I had no one at my back to support me,”

she claimed.

“My father died when I was not even two years old. My mother was a single parent so she had to face many challenges while raising us,”

she shared.

Omar revealed how several of her friends deceived her when she needed them the most. Ayesha Omar also discussed her tough background and stated that she has been dealing with traumas from infancy.

“We were financially unstable, no one was there to support us,” Omar shared. According to the Bulbulay actress, she completed her education on a merit scholarship. “I used to think that why me when everyone else was living a perfect childhood, why can’t I have those fancy clothes, car and stuff like that. This was also very traumatic for me as a child,” Omar asserted.

“This tragedy changed me to be a better person,” she added, adding that it might have been a type of acceptance and approval that she wanted to be accepted the way she is.

Such events, she said, are quite upsetting. However, Ayesha thinks that you can learn from everything.

When I was young, I was se**xually abused: Ayesha Omar


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