Web series DoRaha Part 1 on Ullu App, Cast, Trailer, All New Episodes

Numerous web series is currently available on the Ullu app and new ones are constantly being added. These series can be watched and enjoyed privately. While there are many OTT platforms that can be enjoyed, one aspect of the OTT app Ullu that stands out is that it offers its viewers a new series every week for a very reasonable price. This makes it simpler to access content that is mature, affordable, and useful as well. Another new series that will soon be available on the app is called Doraha. Stay tuned as we discuss the release date, cast, and plot of this series, among other information.

DoRaha Web Series, Part 1 Trailer

Speaking of the television show Doraha, centers on two paths taken by a young married couple who encounter difficulties in their marriage. Speaking of which, a trailer for the series has been made available on YouTube and has received a lot of views thus far. The app is recommended for audiences over 18, or people over the age of 18 only are advised to watch the series. On the other hand, there may be many scenes on this app that have ero*tic scenes, adul*t scenes, and romantic scenes as well. The series is only available on the Ulllu app starting the following week.

Web Series DoRaha Part 1 Star Cast

Regarding the cast of this show, Ruks Khandagle, an actress with experience in many different roles and television series, plays the lead role. Speaking of which, the actress Ruks has experience in a variety of roles thanks to her roles in popular television series like Ishqiyapa and Same wali. Even though the team revealed the name of the lead character, no sources have mentioned any other characters in this series cast. When it comes to the premiere date, this series will air on Monday, December 27, 2022. The fact that this series is the first episode of the franchise was also mentioned.

Web Series DoRaha Part 1 Storyline

This television show’s plot centers on a married woman who discovers her husband has cheated on her and left her behind on the first night of their marriage. The bride, who was already involved with a man on their wedding night, is shocked when she learns that her husband abandoned her on the first night of their marriage. No other than her brother-in-law, who began a phy*sical relationship with her that first night, is the man. The lead character’s husband returns, her brother-in-law marries, and the other cast members become entangled with one another due to their individual love interests.

DoRaha Part 1 Web Series on Ullu App Review & Cast, Story, Release Date, All Episodes, Download link

Web Series Title DoRaha Part 1 Web Series on Ullu App
Genre:- Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Original network:- Ullu App
Original release:- 27th of December 2022
Running time 20 to 25 minutes
Video Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 8k
Download Video size 400MB, 700MB, 900MB
Online Video Platform OTT (streaming content on the world wide web)
Producer by:- Ullu App
No. of Season:-
No. of Part:- 1
No. of episodes:-
Production company(s) Ullu App
Original language(s):- Hindi
Director Update soon
Web Series Crew Members Ruks Khandagle

Where Can I Watch Part 1 of the DoRaha Web Series?

Speaking of the Ullu app, viewers can access new content there very easily and the app receives many views as a result. New content is released on this app every week. The ability to access the app’s content by logging in for two to three days while paying a significantly reduced fee is what makes it more intriguing. Yes, there are subscriptions available for this app for two to three days, and they cost just 45 rupees. Therefore, viewers who might not be interested in a lengthy monthly subscription can opt for a short subscription as well on their weekend and enjoy these series, while the monthly subscription is less expensive.


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    i am a viral content, Indian web series, and Latest News reporter at leakstime.com asia. She was previously reporting for etcnews.tv bureau and channel.

Viral Video

i am a viral content, Indian web series, and Latest News reporter at leakstime.com asia. She was previously reporting for etcnews.tv bureau and channel.

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