Watch: Hira Mani nonstop Roasting on Her Own Concert

Uh-Oh! Things took a bad turn once more when actor Hira Mani sought to show off her singing abilities, this time at her own concert. She did, in fact, hold her own concert. But, predictably, the internet can’t stop poking mullock at her.

Hira Mani captured many hearts in a short period of time with her incredible acting abilities and humble personality. She is currently regarded as one of Pakistan’s best actresses due to the high calibre of her work.

Mani is full of surprises, whether it’s her amazing clothes or her excellent acting. Last month, the actor astonished us by joining musician Ali Noor on stage at one of his concerts and attempting to showcase her singing abilities with him.

However, the Mere Paas Tum Ho actor was simply teased. A number of social media users were unhappy with Mani’s vocals. In fact, many people dismissed her vocal abilities entirely.

Mani performed again earlier this week at the Annual Musical Fiesta hosted at Punjab Group of College in Faisalabad.

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Two days in a row, the Do Bol star performed for PGC students. She kept her fans up to date with tidbits from the event and also uploaded a video of herself singing the hit theme track from the serial. Along with Jaa Tujhey Maaf Kia, the set list included energetic songs such as Disco Deewane and Balam Pichkari.

While the audience at the concert appeared to like her performance, the internet had a similar reaction as before, mocking the actor. “Where are all the Pakistani artists that were invited to play at Punjab College?” enquired a troll.

Unfortunately, celebrities are frequently trolled by online bullies. While many admirers fill the comment sections of celebrities’ posts to convey their love and admiration, the majority is controlled by social media trolls.

In truth, the actor sang rather well; nonetheless, people appear to be uncomfortable to witnessing her perform for some reason. Needless to add, she possesses not only outstanding acting abilities and attractiveness, but also a lovely voice.

Sawaari, her first single for Kashmir Beats, was released earlier this year and completely astonished her admirers. Everything looked to be on track, from her vocals to her expressions and coquetry.

Watch: Hira Mani nonstop Roasting on Her Own Concert


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