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This month, Ullu will debut its brand-new 18+ web series, Jabran. You will see romance, drama, and steamy scenes in this series. It received an A from Owl. You will see erotic scenes as well as a revenge-filled narrative in this. You will find detailed information about the Cast, Plot, and Release Date of this upcoming Ullu web series in this article.

Because OTT is becoming more and more popular and in demand, OTT platforms are also consistently releasing daring web series one after the other.

Web series are currently more popular than movies as an audience trend. In this case, the audience is eager to learn and watch the new upcoming web series. Additionally, every language in the world of web series is speaking about ULLU (Owl).

The erotic web series that ULLU has been presenting consistently and that the audience enjoys. With this deal, Ullu will release the daringly violent web series Jabran.

Only adults 18 and older can access it. The family should not watch an A-rated web series.

Let’s now discuss the cast, plot, and premiere date of the forced web series.

Story from the web series Jabran Ullu | ????? ?? ???? ??? ?????

A newlywed couple is the subject of the forced web series’ opening chapter. In this tale, a handsome girl is married to a man. However, he begins BDSM with his wife while they are in love against her will. He finds this all to be very unsettling because his wife does not like it at all. She transforms into a completely different person and begins her plan on her husband with the intention of overcoming her husband’s antics and making everything right.

The full story ahead as well as the web series’ erotic scenes won’t be available to you until it is published. You won’t be able to fully enjoy the web series after learning the whole story, though. So that the fun of the web series doesn’t get lost in the weeds, we try to provide you with as much information as we can in each of our posts.

The web series will feature some enjoyable love-making scenes. Without a doubt, the show will be very exciting. The audience will also really enjoy this series.

Release Date for the Jabran Day Web Series

The date for the web series’ release has been made known by Ullu. Ullu released its trailer, but it contains no information about the film’s release date. We’ll let you know first when the information is made public. For this, make sure to regularly check the website so you can learn all the vital details about upcoming web series and other subjects and stay up to date with all the news that is popular and trending.

Watch Walkman Ullu Web Series Online

You must be a subscriber to OTT service ULLU in order to watch the Walkman Ullu web series. You can download it and watch it online after subscribing to the Ullu app or website.

Web Series Jabran on Ullu App Cast | ????? ?? ???? ??? ?????

Donna Munshi

Jabran Web Series on Ullu details

Name of web series 
Jabran Web Series on Ullu | ????? ?? ???? ??? ?????
18+, Drama, Romance
OTT Platform
Ullu App
Release date
16 October 2022
Main Cast
Donna Munshi
Episode Runtime
25 Minutes


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