Viral Video: Nora Fatehi OOPS Moment During Live Dance Performance

Nora Fatehi Oops Moment: Nora Fatehi’s new song has been released, and people are dancing hard to it. In the meantime, a video of her embarrassing moment has gone viral.

New Delhi: The lovely actress Nora Fatehi, who created a name for herself in Bollywood with her dancing, continues to make headlines thanks to her videos and photos. Onlookers’ gazes are fixated on her whenever she enters the dance floor. People begin to demand that she dance whenever she enters a crowd of supporters. However, Nora just discovered that doing so was pricey. Because she had a Oops Moment while dancing in public.
Movements portrayed in a blue gown
In fact, Nora Fatehi’s new single, ‘Dance Meri Rani,’ has just been published. On social media, this song has been covered. However, as soon as this song is mentioned, another Nora video goes viral in which she has a Oops Moment while dancing. Nora Fatehi is wearing a short blue dress in this video. Take a look at some screen captures of this video.

This mistake came when we were dancing!


Nora, by the way, is seen doing a great dance amid the crowd in the video. When Nora Fatehi twitches her waist, her tiny cut dress falls off, revealing her underwear. Nora is troubled by this, so she grabs her dress, manages it, and steps back.
The oops moment was captured on camera.
People are standing around Nora Fatehi in the video, and she is dancing in the midst. Nora attempted everything she could to avoid this unpleasant situation, but it went out of her hands and these images were caught on film.
The reality show recognised
Nora recently revealed that she began her career with a reality programme. She stated this while applauding a participant on the stage of ‘India’s Best Dancer.’


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