Viral original obscene video from Islamia University in Bahawalpur

The alleged s3xual and p*ornographic video scandal at Islamia University Bahawalpur has assumed a grave dimension. Parents stopped sending their daughters to college after it was claimed that Ijaz Shah, a security officer, had more than 400 immoral videos, ice, and s3x pills of female students and university employees on his phone.

A few female university students were reportedly contacted and spoke on the condition of anonymity, according to the BBC report. After the incident, my parents advised me not to enrol in college, the student claimed. Despite the poor environment at the university, I managed to enrol there after a lot of effort. Many of my friends were denied entry to the university by their parents.

Another student claimed that chatter and fear permeated the entire day at the university. Different staff members and students are having divergent conversations. A statement is being made. Everyone is curious as to what videos and pictures are on the phone and why they were kept there.

The student claimed that she did not know what to say or do. But if that’s the case, in my opinion, the accused should be punished regardless and these videos shouldn’t be released.

According to Umar Saleem, a spokesman for the Bahawalpur Police, the police have found at least four p*ornographic videos and images on the phone of a senior university official (Security Officer Ijaz Shah), which they believe to be of other university officials and students.

The police asserted that they had found drugs and s3x drugs on the same university official. They said the official had been detained, a case had been filed, and an additional investigation was ongoing. All of the videos that were recovered from the phone of the university official, according to Umar Salim, have been sent for forensic analysis, and after receiving this analysis, more provisions will be added to the case that has already been filed.

The aforementioned university officer has been the target of a Narcotics Act case brought by Bahawalpur Ulysses. Sub-inspector Mohammad Afzal Nawaz is the plaintiff in the case, and he claims that while he and other police officers were performing their duties at the Baghdad-Jadeed turn in Bahawalpur, a white car was attempting to turn back quickly from the wrong side of the road after being signalled by the police to stop.

Five s3x-related pills and several black wallets were found during the vehicle’s search, according to the case document filed by Sub Inspector Muhammad Afzal. When the police stopped the vehicle, there was only one person inside.

The case record indicates that during the purse search, crystal ice weighing 10 grammes and wrapped in clear wax paper was discovered. The FIR also claims that two mobile phones were found inside the car and were later recovered. These phones were allegedly filled with numerous p*ornographic videos and images of women upon immediate inspection.

The FIR states that the accused acknowledged that the allegedly inappropriate videos on his phone were of various female students and university employees after introducing himself as the chief security officer of Islamia University.

On the other hand, Farooq Basheer Advocate, the legal counsel for Islamia University, described the situation as a “systematic conspiracy” against the school. He claimed that a record-breaking 17,000 students are currently enrolled in the university.

According to Farooq Bashir, “this incident has come to light some time after a university professor was arrested on the suspicion of ice.” In defending the university’s chief security officer and the defendants in this case, he claimed that during his seven years on the job, no complaints have been made against him. Additionally, he has a spotless police record.

Even vice chancellor Professor Dr. Athar Mehboob will be subjected to drug testing, according to a statement from Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The arrest of Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah, the university’s chief security officer, was a factor in the decision-making process.

Islamia University Bahawalpur claimed in a press release issued by the Public Relations Officer that the institution has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs on campuses in accordance with the direction and standards of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The Vice-Chancellor made the decision to administer blood tests to all staff members, including himself, in order to identify drug dealers after the Chief Security Officer was taken into custody.

According to the press release, the university registrar will guarantee complete transparency in all medical tests carried out by reputable laboratories.

In the statement, it was stated that Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Athar Mehboob is carrying out his duties and that the unfounded rumours of his arrest are untrue, and that some miscreants are responsible for his assassination.

What recovered from Islamia University BahawalpurÂ’s chief security officer Details?

According to the police, two drug traffickers, one of whom was a woman, were apprehended in Yazman and Head Rajkan for drug possession.

According to them, Muhammad Sarwar had 1 kilogramme, 500 grammes of charas, 20 grammes of crystal, and 300 grammes of heroin recovered from Aqeela Zainab.

One Jabir alias Shaira was detained by Bahawalpur’s Saddar police, who also found 5.4 kg of charas on him. Drugs were distributed by the suspects in a number of educational facilities.

A video of female students at Islamia University being verbally harassed goes viral.

Thousands of incidents of female harassment have been reported in universities across Pakistan, and it is becoming more prevalent in educational institutions.

A recent video that showed a group of male students harassing female students on social media went viral. The video clearly shows how helpless the girls are. The regrettable incident happened at Islamia University in Bahawalpur.

Thousands of incidents of female harassment have been reported in universities across Pakistan, and it is becoming more prevalent in educational institutions.

In April 2018, the Dukhtar Foundation, a non-profit, opened a hotline for reporting allegations of female workplace harassment.

Dukhtar Foundation statistics

Total number of complaints received: 20.7K complaints
Number of Complaints filed by University Students: 16.9K charges – 82%

According to Humaira Syed, the Dukhtar Foundation’s CEO,

“Compared to private universities, the number of harassment cases is higher in public sector universities.”

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