Video of 24-year-old female mechanic Kirsten Vaughn going viral on social media

A female mechanic who claims she was fired after coworkers started viewing her OnlyFans content confessed in a lewd tweet that she’s a lot to handle.

Kirsten Vaughn, 24, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, enraged her followers by admitting that she is a “feral b**ch” who will “bite your neck.”

Several of her fans volunteered to accept the challenge in spite of her claims that she was challenging to manage.

After her coworkers started viewing her content while at work in 2020, Vaughan was allegedly fired from the Don Ayes Honda dealership.

Less than a month after creating an account on the platform in order to make money to pay off her mortgage and student loans, she was fired.

Management allegedly questioned her about her account before firing her, claiming that it would “harm” the reputation of their business, and did so for “violating company policy.”

Instead of thinking, “Hey, the guys are kind of creepy,” she told BuzzFeed, “it’s, “Oh well, you’re the girl who brought this to their attention, and you’re responsible.”

The Don Ayres Honda dealership’s spokesperson refuted the claim that Kirsten’s termination was due to her OnlyFans account and instead asserted that Kirsten had broken company rules.

Since being let go, Vaughn has turned to TikTok to impart her automotive knowledge.

24years, Female Mechanic Kirsten Vaughn Viral Video on Social Media

Her videos have received hundreds of thousands of views from her 1.3 million followers. She tweets as @vermilionvixenmain.

Over 187,000 people follow her on Twitter, where she made the sexy admission.

She wrote in the tweet, “I’m a feral bitch, if I get horny I’ll just start humping you, bite your neck, chest, whatever’s closest, touching your d**k, I’m a lot to handle sometimes.”

Someone commented, “With that kind of attitude I’m surprised you don’t have a ring yet.”

Another person continued, “If only you were in my workshop.”


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