Urfi Javed wrapped the thread after taking off her clothes and shared a viral video.

Let’s just say Urfi Javed is an actress or a fashion enthusiast who recently shared a video on social media in which she was dressed very immodestly. After this video went viral, Urfi Javed responded with a statement.

Urfi Javed’s Remark Regarding Her Bo*ll Look: The queen of social media, Urfi Javed, is well known for her perpetual awkwardness. She recently shared a video of herself doing just that, observing which people’s breath became stuck. Recently, only green thread was used to describe her. For this look, Urfi received a lot of teasing.

The reason being that Urfi had never been seen looking so b*ld before. The actress has since explained her appearance and the reason behind why she presented herself to the public in such a seductive manner.

Ufi’s oldest appearance

Recently, Urfi Javed posted a video that shook social media as a whole. Urfi Javed was spotted wearing a dress made of threads in this video. The way Urfi Javed appeared in this video generated a lot of discussions. Urfi Javed is receiving online trolls after this video of her surfaced. They are being advised to dress appropriately as well. Urfi has since spoken about this video. Urfi explained the backstory and the significance of her dress.

This was said by Urfi Javed.

On social media, a video of Urfi Javed that shows her topless is going viral. Regarding this video, various things are occurring. Currently, Urfi has also shared her thoughts on this video. The explanation for posting this video was provided by Urfi. This dress has a meaning, Urfi Javed wrote while uploading the video story to Instagram. Indian women are showered with roses and sparkly jewelry to make them look their best for marriage. But after wearing them, she is unable to walk correctly. The conversation about this video has resumed since Urfi’s statement came to light.


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