Urfi Javed photo and video have been posted on the dirty website.

Urfi Javed, a TV actress, may appear to be her model in terms of beauty and shape, but she, too, experienced a setback that caused her confidence to plummet, despite the fact that she was flying in school. During that time, someone published some of her images to an adult website, and she has had to deal with a slew of issues since then!

As you are all aware, Javed Akhtar continues to be involved in the topic over her outfits, and he is frequently dominated by her statements; not only that, but her actress has also spoken about the problem in school. According to reports, someone submitted a photo of her on the modified website, causing him a slew of troubles, and since then, even her family has abandoned her!

During an interview with RJ, the actress confirmed the same thing. Siddhartha Kannan, aka Javed, claims that her health worsened after her photo was posted on the website, and that after this whole ordeal, her father abused her psychologically and physically to a significant amount, and that no one backed her!

At the same time, he told her that her family wanted to examine her bank account since he assumed Urfi Javed must have gotten some money for doing all of this, so her bank account was also being investigated, as she claims. That occurred while she was in 11th grade, and it was really painful for her since her family did not trust her and blamed her!

For your information, Urfi Javed stated that her father did it to her for two years and that her family and other people began talking extremely ugly about her. She used to pray that whatever happened to her should never happen to another girl.


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