Urfi Javed gets trolled again for wearing a short skirt.

Hum To Bhai Jaise Hai Wais Raheenge. This tune is perfect for Javed the fashionista. Urfi Javed has worn the same clothes she likes despite being a frequent subject of trolling for wearing provocative attire. Urfi Javed’s followers appreciate her flawless style in addition to her gorgeous appearance.

Urfi Javed’s fresh photos have once again heightened the internet’s temperature. Urfi Javed can be seen sporting a corset and dupatta garment in the latest photograph.

Urfi’s outfit, as usual, has perplexed admirers. According to Urfi’s costume, she has wrapped the pink and orange dupatta individually with the corset. Otherwise, only Urfi can properly characterise her clothing.

With this garment, Urfi wore her hair in a ponytail with a front puff. Urfi looks lovely in bare lips, eyeliner, and subtle pink blush. Urfi has finished her appearance with ear rings.

As soon as the photographs of the actress with her new appearance appeared, they went viral. Users’ reactions to Urfi’s appearance vary. Some individuals think Urfi’s style is gorgeous, while others think Urfi is trolling again.

Upon seeing Urfi’s photos, it appears that she is not wearing a bra with her clothing, which prompted a user to mock her and write – She does not wear bra.


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