Urfi Javed caught red handed video goes viral

Urfi Javed is a well-known TV actress who is one of the most talked-about women in the profession. Let us inform you that Urfi is highly active on social media and that she often shares some of her favourite posts with her followers. This is something that his admirers adore.

On his post, fans can be seen showering him with affection. One of his videos has recently gained a lot of attention. In which he is shown being arrested for creating an adult film by the police. Urfi, on the other hand, declares himself ‘guiltless.’

Let us tell you about a video that just became a social media sensation. Rohit Gupta’s Instagram account posted the footage. Urfi comes in and sits with a female in an office, as shown in the video. A casting director approaches him and begins discussing the project with him.

He is told by the director that this film is too private. Everything will be kept under wraps, according to him, from the filming to the casting. Urfi accepts and invites the girl she’s with to accompany her out. The filmmaker then announces that the film will be titled “Titanic.”

The director then informs Urfi that the film also has Ranbir Kapoor as an actor. He will, nevertheless, be viewed as a bad guy. Urfi is taken aback by that. Ranbir is then forced to speak with the director. Rohit converses with him in the actor’s voice at the same time. Urfi then inquires about the hero, to which the director responds that he will be an outside country star. Then, with that artist, director Rohit arrives in the office. This isn’t exactly a five-star performance. Urfi is stunned when he notices this.

Urfi inquires about the director’s remark that someone from outside the country will become a big celebrity. He claims to be well-known for this. Uganda is his home country. Following all of this, the director invites Urfi to audition. Both are holding auditions for their respective roles. The cops then arrive, sensing something is awry. Urfi had summoned him to make an explicit film, according to the director. It was worth witnessing Urfi’s face.



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