University of Bahawalpur leaks conversations between professors and female students

After allegedly finding crystal meth (ice) and aphrodisiacs in his possession and p**ornographic videos of female university officials and students on his two mobile phones, police officers from Baghdadul Jadid police station in Bahawalpur have arrested the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB).

The incident started when Baghdadul Jadid police ordered a car to stop at a checkpoint. Upon spotting the police, the driver made an attempt to elude them, but the officers stopped the car.

Bahawalpur is shocked by a scandal involving 5000 explicit videos.

Bahawalpur has been shocked by the scandal involving more than 5000 lewd videos at Islamia University, according to sources cited by ARY News.

While the report has been given to the interim chief minister of Punjab, sources claim that the police are attempting to suppress the video scandal.

The chief security officer Syed Ejaz Shah, the transport officer Altaf, and the university’s director of finance Dr. Abuzar were all detained, but the administration of the university referred to the arrests as a conspiracy against the university.

Eight grammes of Ice drug and hundreds of student videos were found in Ejaz Shah’s possession, according to the report that was sent to the acting chief minister.

DPO Abbas Shah, on the other hand, refuted the accusations made by Islamia University. According to him, there is prejudice against all universities after it was discovered that 113 of the university’s students are drug addicts.

The DPO went on to say that drug dealers are the police’s main focus, not universities, and that they will be exposed by the police in order to curtail institutes’ drug use.

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