The media was shocked when Urfi Javed said, “Meri toh waat lagi padi hai.”

Urfi Javed, who is frequently highlighted in the media due to his clothes, which are designed so that the beholder can’t stop watching, was taken aback by the statement of “Meri toh waat lagi padi hai” aka “Media.” The dresses that Urfi creates are constantly in the news, despite the fact that Urfi herself has become a fashion icon.

The reason Urfi was in the news this time, however, was not because of her attire, but rather to share her problems. In fact, Urfi said the following to the media:

Hey dude, I have no idea what’s going on, I have to wait, how can I tell what happened, my life has become so spoiled, so much life has been spoiled, should I tell who to whom? In response to the media’s question about whether or not you will call us at the party, Urfi said, “How will I not call; without you, there will be no party.”

There was no shortage of Urfi’s fashion even after she became so upset; she had done everything in her power to excite her followers with her sense of style. S Bar Urfi wore a designer dress and accessorized with large earrings and dark lipstick.

A reporter said, “Walk like a queen,” to which Urfi responded, “Always,” as he showed the media a catwalk.


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