Shaista Lodhi slams Nadia Khan over the Sharmila Faruqui Issue

Shaista Lodhi has slammed fellow anchor Nadia Khan over the Sharmila Farooqi affair. Shaista Lodhi appeared in an interview, where she answered some fascinating questions regarding Nadia Khan and expressed her thoughts about her co-host. Shaista stated that she believes Nadia Khan to be the morning show queen without a doubt, although her show is … Read more

Sharmila Faruqui, Nadia Khan sue each other in defamation case

PPP politician Sharmila Faruqui and prominent television presenter Nadia Khan are feuding over a video of the former’s mother Anisa Faruqui. Sharmila Faruqui’s legal team has slapped Nadia Khan with a Rs50 million defamation notice, according to facts. “disrespecting her mother by allegedly mocking her appearance”. Shared on her Instagram Stories, the notice maintains that … Read more

Sharmila Faruqui Files Legal Action Against Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan is being sued by Sharmila Farooqi. Social media users have expressed fury about Nadia Khan’s treatment of Sharmila Farooqi’s mother. Nadia Khan, a well-known presenter, previously uploaded a video named Out style on her YouTube channel. Anisa Farooqi, Sharmila Farooqi’s mother, and Nadia Khan were also seen in the video. That snobbish presenter … Read more