Sharmila Faruqui, Nadia Khan sue each other in defamation case

PPP politician Sharmila Faruqui and prominent television presenter Nadia Khan are feuding over a video of the former’s mother Anisa Faruqui.

Sharmila Faruqui’s legal team has slapped Nadia Khan with a Rs50 million defamation notice, according to facts.

“disrespecting her mother by allegedly mocking her appearance”.

Shared on her Instagram Stories, the notice maintains that Nadia published a “defamatory video” on her Youtube channel in which she has “violated her mother Anisa Farooqi’s privacy and mocked her over her makeup look.”

The letter gives Nadia 15 days to not only recant her words, but also to apologise and pay Rs50 million in compensation. “On behalf of Mrs Sharmila Farooqi, Member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh, who has instructed me to serve upon you the following legal notice under Section 8 of the Defamation Ordinance, 2002, on account of a defamatory video published by you on your YouTube channel namely Outstyle on January 20, 2022,” the notice reads.

The letter comes only days after Khan produced a video with Sharmila Faruqui’s mother in which she “complimented” her cosmetics and sense of style. Faruqi, who was outraged by the video’s content, claimed she would sue Khan and has filed a case with the FIA.

On January 20, Naida Khan posted another video to her YouTube account in which she slammed Faruqi and indicated that the PPP leader want “media exposure.” She also stated that her remarks regarding Faruqi’s mother were meant to compliment rather than ridicule her.

Within 24 hours following the defamation complaint, Nadia Khan responded to Sharmila with her own legal notice. This Sunday, the morning show host sent a note on Instagram.

“I wish if she had done only one good deed for any needy woman or a helpless child She would still have got the media and out attention,”

the TV host bashed the politician.


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