Sonal Chauhan sparked outrage by sharing a washroom photo.

Sonal Chauhan has once again uploaded a selfie of herself in the bathroom, pushing the envelope to new heights. She just posted a photo on her Instagram profile in which she is seen sitting in the bathroom bathtub.

New Delhi: In the film ‘Jannat,’ Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan caused a stir by performing daring scenes alongside Emraan Hashmi. She appeared in the spotlight as a result of her many personal sequences in this film. Sonal is still well-known in the film industry as the actress from ‘Jannat.’ Fans are riveted to Sonal whenever she appears onscreen. More than her performance, Sonal has wowed audiences with her beauty and charisma.

Sonal Chauhan’s shared bathroom photo

Sonal Chauhan uses social media extensively to remain in touch with her admirers. In this circumstance, she shares images and videos with her followers virtually every day. Sonal has now published an image that has caused others to break out in cold sweat. This time, she’s gone above and beyond the call of duty by sharing a snapshot of her bathroom.

Sonal Chauhan recently posted a photo on her Instagram profile of herself relaxing in the bathtub in the bathroom. Sonal is dressed in a deep neck black gown in this photo. Despite the fact that only her face can be seen in this photograph. People’s senses are blown away by seeing this Sonal avatar.


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