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I recently watched the second episode of the Malayalam web series Rupees 1000 on the Yessma app. It can be said that the web series has adopted a distinctive approach to depicting priva*te moments that haven’t been carried out before. The web series has been shot aesthetically without being overly dramatic, and the actors have outspoken personalities.

The web series Rupees 1000 Episode 2 featured a romance between two servants who just so happened to be cleaning the same room at the same time. Rupees 1000 Episode 2 is more akin to a beautifully shot short film than a web series.

Instead of making it only about se*xual encounters, the creators gave them a scenario to act in and let their love speak through the camera. However, there are numerous instances of ni*p slips and other errors, proving that the editing is not up to par.

The second episode of the web series Rupees 1000 focuses on multiple groping, lic*king, and dry humping. But when the camerawork is particularly good, the actors really shine.

The rapidly growing local OTT market, including the most widely used Ullu app, failed to accomplish this. To watch Rupees 1000 Episode 2 of the web series online, we advise you to subscribe to the Yessma app right away.

Rupee 1000 Web Series Information

The second episode of the Rupees 1000 web series, directed by Lakshmi Dheeptha, is available in Malayalam. The web series centers on two housekeepers who get involved in a romantic encounter while doing housework. The web series is very alluring and interesting.

It is now one of the most memorable web series thanks to the direction and cinematography. Download the Yessma app from the Google Play Store to watch Rupees 1000 Episode 2 online. All of the Yessma web originals and short films are available for viewing online for a small subscription fee.

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The official Yessma app is available from Playstore for download. You must pay a small fee to access all of the Yessma app’s content because the web series is a subscription service. So far, they have only released two web series and one short movie.

The Yessma app offers a variety of intriguing web series. Additionally, you can view the entire exclusive behind-the-scenes material from the web series Rupees 1000 Episode 2.

Yessma App is sued by actors who appeared in the web series, which sparks controversy. They recently published a brief video of actors discussing the terms of shooting such a web series.


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