Raspaan to Pink Bra, Watch Online 4+ Short Films on the Bijli OTT App

Yet another OTT today! Offering OTT services has the potential to bring in money, as many producers have discovered. The most recent entry on the list that everyone notices is the Bijli OTT app. The release of five short films starring the most sought-after OTT actresses was their impressive debut.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of every one of the five short films that the Bijli app has released to mark their entry into the OTT space. Pallavi Debnath, Aliya Naaz, and Neetu Mourya are a few of the actresses who appear in the web series.

1. Pink Bra Short Film on Bijli OTT App

Pink Bra Short Film – Official Trailer youtube

Pink Bra Short Film – Story

Infidelity in relationships is a topic covered in the Pink Bra web series, which stars Pallavi Debnath. The short film’s original name is just for the audience’s benefit. It serves only to highlight the climax, where Pallavi Debnath wore a pink outfit, in the story.

Pink Bra Short Film – Cast

Mohit Arya
Pallavi Debnath
Faizan Khan

2. Aghaat Short Film on Bijli OTT App

Aghaat Short Film – Official Trailer youtube

Aghaat Short Film – Story

the movie’s unanticipated turn Narrative of Knock Knock. The events that took place during a stormy night were depicted by Aghaat. In a stranger’s house, a woman arrived and sought safety. They engaged in what is known as a “one-night stand.” However, the twist was revealed in the very last scene, where it was made clear that the girl had spread AIDS.

Aghaat Short Film – Cast

Neetu Mourya
Azeem Shaikh

3. Raspaan Short Film on Bijli OTT App

Raspaan Short Film – Official Trailer youtube

Raspaan Short Film – Story

Aliya Naaz played a prominent role in the gripping web series Raspaan. She portrayed a housewife who develops feelings for the young man who stays at her home. She left her husband behind to be with her. Finally, she committed murder and stayed with her boyfriend.

Raspaan Short Film – Cast

Vishal Bhatt
Aliya Naaz
Vivaan Shrivastava
Sachin Singh

4. Virgin Suhagraat Short Film on Bijli OTT App

Virgin Suhagraat Short Film – Official Trailer youtube

Virgin Suhagraat Short Film – Story

The story centers on a couple trying to experience their first night together after getting married, as suggested by the title. They nevertheless frequently think back on how to dominate one another given by their friend. Their endearing banter makes for a fun short movie.

Virgin Suhagraat Short Film – Cast


5. Behrupiya Short Film on Bijli OTT App

Behrupiya Short Film – Official Trailer youtube

Behrupiya Short Film – Story

As a group of police officers and spies search for the imposter, the hour-long short film caused national conflict. The short movie has subpar acting and editing, too. There are a lot more short films to watch and enjoy, though.

Behrupiya Short Film – Cast



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