Rakhi Sawant kissed her husband Ritesh in public.

Bigg Boss 15 is in full swing with preparations for the finals round. A slew of celebrities will also take the stage to add to the show’s entertainment value. Which will feature X participants and winners. Rakhi Sawant, who was just kicked out of the Bigg Boss house, is one such competitor. Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh will sing an unique duet in Bigg Boss’ grand finale. During this time, the media mobbed Rakhi as soon as she stepped outside Bigg Boss’s set. Rakhi surprised everyone by openly liplocking Ritesh at a media interview.

Two Rakhi videos have gone popular on social media. Rakhi and Ritesh may be seen talking with the media in the first video. During which she was spotted wearing spectacles to Ritesh and referring to him as the Rajinikanth of Bollywood. However, in the second video, she kisses Ritesh at the request of the photographers. Ritesh hesitated a little, then Rakhi kissed Ritesh while holding him.

Rakhi did not stop there; she liplocked Ritesh once more. This liplock video of both is becoming popular on social media. A slew of amusing comments are also appearing on the video. ‘After sharing so much information with Karan and Tejo… what is happening Rakhi Maa…?’ questioned one person. ‘Ha, mommy was like BB1 5 me.’ So another member wrote, ‘Sab is the effect of Salman’s dosage.’ Apart from that, someone recalled Rakhi’s comment and inquired, ‘Pramantha mil gaya kya?’

Let us inform you that while Rakhi Sawant was a Bigg Boss contestant, RJ Palak and RJ Karan questioned her and Ritesh’s marriage and asked Rakhi, “How would you and Ritesh’s relationship be outside the show?” In response, Rakhi stated that if her and Ritesh’s marriage is recognised as legal, they would remain together; else, they will split.


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