PTI Rabia Malik – Bio, Age, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Viral Video

Rabia Malik serves as the team’s deputy leader on Twitter and Facebook for PTI. She is crucial to campaigns using other social media platforms and Twitter’s hashtag trending topics. Let’s look at Rabia Malik’s full bio.

PTI Rabia Malik Age

She was born between 1985 and 1980 when she would have been 35 to 38 years old. Her birthplace is not known to the general public.

PTI Rabia Malik Educational Qualifications

Never disclosed any information about her private life.

PTI Rabia Malik family and boyfriend

She has not yet gotten married. Rabia Malik has never disclosed any information about her private life.

The career of PTI Rabia Malik

The leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Twitter and Facebook social media teams is PTI member Rabia Malik. She has many years of experience working for PTI and is crucial to the success of social media campaigns. She is able to manage social media and promote hashtags on Twitter and Facebook thanks to her experience in this area.

Rabia Malik has long been a member of the Core Twitter and Facebook Teams and is credited with having made significant contributions to outreach and hashtag trending campaigns that helped the former ruling party establish strong online presences.

PTI Rabia Malik Height, and More

PTI Rabia Malik is short 5 feet 5 inches tall Approx. Black eyes and a weight of around 78 kg. physical appreance 38-34-37.

PTI Rabia Malik’s worth has been estimated.

Under review

PTI Rabia Malik High-res Viral Photos

PTI Rabia Malik High-res Viral Photos

PTI Rabia Malik High-res Viral Photos

PTI Rabia Malik High-res Viral Photos

PTI Rabia Malik High-res Viral Photos

PTI Rabia Malik High-res Viral Photos

PTI Rabia Malik High-res Viral Video

PTI Rabia Malik Social Media Accounts

PTI Rabia Malik Twitter

PTI Rabia Malik Instagram

Iftikhar Durrani And Rabia Malik Leaked Video

On Friday, an adult content video featuring Iftikhar Durrani, the PTI leader, and Rabia Malik went viral.

The public is aware of Iftikhar Durrani, the PTI chairman’s former assistant, but little is known about Rabia Malik, the woman who is allegedly involved in an intimate relationship with the PTI leader.

Rabia Malik began to appear in the trending section of the microblogging website Twitter as the clips caused a frenzy among social media users. The woman in the viral video is referred to as Iftikhar’s wife by some ardent supporters and party members in an effort to minimise the incident.

Netizens were quick to find the truth and refute PTI workers’ claims amid the conflicting assertions. According to information posted on Twitter, Rabia Malik has been chosen to serve as the PTI Twitter Team’s deputy lead.

Commonly Asked Question

  • Who is the spouse of Iftikhar Durrani? Iftikhar Durrani is already a married man. In the media or on any social media, he has not disclosed any details about his marriage. His wife’s name is being looked into. His children’s names are also being looked over. Every time we learn something new about this subject, we update this article. Furthermore, there is no proof that Rabia Malik, the woman in the leaked video, is Iftikhar Durrani’s spouse. Social media users have refuted the claims made by PTI employees.
  • How do I get in touch with Iftikhar Durrani? Iftikhar Durrani can be contacted or reached out to through Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) official channels or through designated spokespersons.
  • Are there any tweets from Iftikhar Durrani? It is possible to follow Iftikhar Durrani on Twitter. For updates and announcements regarding his political activities, you can follow his official Twitter account.


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