Prince Harry, Meghan need to ‘desperately’ rethink the future

Experts warn Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of looming disaster as a result of ‘relentlessly bad PR’.

NBC royal correspondent Neil Sean has issued this warning for he believes the couple’s reputation can no longer “afford bad PR experiments.

While speaking to Express he claimed, “On a serious note, I do think Harry and Meghan do need to seriously think about where they’re going to go with their brand moving forward. They can’t afford such bad PR which is relentless.”

“We’re talking about the birthday video, The Bench book, the New York trip. A lot of people say, ‘you’re contributing to that’. I would say I’m just supporting the facts, a lot of these things were not successful.”

He also went on to say, “It’s very difficult for Harry and Meghan because being ex-royals and people wanting to meet them, they cannot really go undertake as an official royal visit.”

“The problem a lot of people felt was in New York, people were confused. Was it a royal visit or wasn’t it?”


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