Poonam Pandey Is Evicted From Lock Up Today’s Episode 30th April 2022

Hello, all entertainment fans, we are finally here with an exclusive update of your favourite and quite controversial web-reality show “Lock Up,” as the 30th April 2022 episode is bringing you high-voltage drama as well as some unexpected activities that will definitely make you feel over the top. Because, as the show progresses and the pivotal phase approaches, the producers are attempting to raise the level of entertainment. As a result, they do such things on a weekly basis to pique the audience’s interest, and somewhere along the way, they meet the expectations of the fans, so you can find the complete details as well as the eliminations update below.

The next episode will feature a cute angle between Anjali and Munawar as they share a strong bond. Anjali keeps Munawar’s essentials and asks him to apologise if he wants them back. As a result, he apologises, but Anjali refuses to compensate him; in other words, she betrays him in a positive way. Anjali gives him the items she took from Munawar’s place of stay because they appear to be happy together.

The twist comes later when Munawar fills out the chargesheet with the name Poonam Pandey, implying that the sword of eviction hangs around her neck. Because it’s the show’s final eviction, a lot of speculation is circulating about Poonam Pandey’s eviction. However, viewers have control over everything because they can vote to save her. In other words, anything can happen at any time because the audience is in charge. As a result, no one can predict the evictions because the game can change at any time.

So, when Poonam hears her name, she is devastated because she never expected this from Munawar, and she declares that she will not forgive him for his betrayal. Munawar, on the other hand, claims that he did everything he could to keep his friends from being eliminated, and that Poonam Pandey is not one of his closest friends, so he had no choice but to take her name, which he does not regret at all because he knows his decision was correct. So don’t miss it when it’s available on MX Player, and stay tuned for more information.


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