Plum Cake 2 Web Series on Yessma App, Trailer, Storyline, Full Episodes Watch & Download

On the Yessma app, I recently watched Plum Cake 2, another Malayalam web series. It can be said that the web series has adopted a novel strategy to depict priva*te moments that have never been carried out before. The actors have assertive personalities, and the web series was artistically shot without going overboard with the drama.

When a couple was getting ready to throw a party for their friends and acquaintances, Plum Cake 2’s web series showed off their romance. Plum Cake 2 is a web series that is shot beautifully and is more akin to a short film.

Instead of making it only about intense love, the creators gave them a scenario to act in and let their romance speak for itself on camera. The editing, however, is off because there are numerous instances of grabbing and other things.

The rapidly growing local OTT market, including the most widely used Ullu app, failed to accomplish this. To watch the online web series Plum Cake 2 right now, we suggest getting a Yessma app subscription.

Details of the web series Plum Cake 2

Plum Cake 2 is a web series in Malayalam that is directed by Lakshmi Dheeptha. The web series continues the narrative in which a couple celebrates a festival but a friend takes advantage of the couple. The web series is very alluring and interesting.

It is now one of the most memorable web series thanks to the direction and cinematography. Download the Yessma app from the Play Store to watch the online web series Plum Cake 2. All of the Yessma web originals and short films are available for viewing online for a small subscription fee.

Web Series Storyline for Plum Cake 2

The main character, Ayesha Pathan, is in financial trouble and up against the stiff competition, so she begins to look for various ways to make money. Nevertheless, if she must give up her virginity, she will have to live with numerous strangers. Due to her cuteness and youth, many men are attempting to take advantage of her. She even draws the attention of some middle-aged men.

They eventually start extorting her, leaving her with no choice. Her complete isolation from my family members and her need to make it in the city without telling her parents will make it interesting to see how she handles the situation. By purchasing a subscription to this platform on the official website, you can easily watch this program. There, you will also find schedules for other series and information on upcoming series. Due to their high prices, this platform has received a lot of criticism.

How to Access the Web Series Plum Cake 2 Online

The official Yessma app is available from Playstore for download. You must pay a small fee to access all of the Yessma app’s content because the web series is a subscription service. So far, they have only released two web series and one short movie.

The Yessma app offers a variety of intriguing web series. Additionally, you can view the entire Plum Cake 2 web series’ exclusive behind-the-scenes material. The web series is amazing as is thanks to actor Ayesha Pathan’s efforts.

After receiving a lawsuit from actors who appeared in the web series, the Yessma App is the subject of controversy. Recently, a brief video of actors discussing the terms of shooting such a web series was released.


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