Pakistan’s Most Controversial Celebrities Right Now

The Pakistani entertainment industry is blessed with many talented individuals who let their work speak for them. However, some celebrities rely heavily on controversies to gain public attention. These celebrities also complain about public criticism, but they continue to give the public something to criticise! The truth is that such celebrities want to stay in the news in some way. We’ve all heard that controversy sells, and while it’s not the best way to get attention, it’s certainly the quickest. Anything controversial quickly goes viral on social media, and the aftermath is such that the celebrity in question is in the news for weeks!

Very often, before a new project is released or a celebrity feels that they are no longer in the news, they make statements or post pictures that they know will be considered controversial. So, while the general public is frequently blamed for being too judgmental, the fact is that many celebrities create controversies on their own. It is not difficult to be non-controversial; many celebrities have been doing so for years; therefore, anyone who is controversial is usually doing so on purpose!

Right now, some Pakistani celebrities are more controversial than others. Here is a list of those celebrities:

Aamir Liaquat

For obvious reasons, Aamir Liaquat deserves to be at the top of this list. This man will go to any length to attract attention. His obnoxious behaviour has resulted in him receiving attention that most people would gladly refuse! Apart from his weddings and comments about his ex-wives, even doing something as simple as distributing food to the needy is criticised. He wants to stay in the news, so whenever he is not in the news, he gives people something to talk about.

The public despises Aamir Liaquat, and he clearly enjoys attention, even if that attention is negative. Even mainstream media outlets give him coverage because controversy sells, and Aamir Liaquat profits from it more than any other Pakistani celebrity!

We understand why someone with limited talent, such as Aamir Liaquat, needs controversies to stay in the news. He is also the type of celebrity who does not care about his reputation, so he has nothing to lose.

Qamar Khalil-ur-Rehman

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar rose to prominence following the release of his recent drama Mere Pass Tum Ho. He only began giving interviews after the success of this drama. Many people thought his views on women and men, in particular, were highly controversial once he began giving interviews. So much so that some of the industry’s biggest names asked production companies to ban him. A writer known for his powerful dialogue writing skills was thrust into the spotlight for his controversial and frequently objectionable statements.

He is also one of the few controversial Pakistani celebrities who has a large fan base! While many people criticise his thinking, there are also those who support him.

He is one of the most talked-about and divisive figures in the entertainment industry. So much so that most talk show hosts have a question about him and everyone has an opinion about him. Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar does not let the criticism stop him from speaking his mind, and every time he does, he receives the same type of criticism.

Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir has always lived her life and has liberally showcased it on social media without fear of how people might react to some of the content that they find objectionable. Hania Aamir appears to be fine with sharing controversial content, from her affair with Asim Azhar to her most recent objectionable video with a friend. She took a break from social media a few weeks ago, but as soon as her new drama Mere Hamsafar began, she was back in the game!

Although Hania has frequently expressed her dissatisfaction with people who criticise her, it is clear that Hania uses controversial content to attract attention. Many people find her clothing choices to be controversial, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Hania Aamir performs well and is attractive. She doesn’t need to ‘promote’ herself through these controversies, but she does! Hania has tried everything to get the public’s attention, from fake crying to fake engagement announcements! We expect more from someone who has so much more to her name than the controversies for which she is famous.

Amna Illyas

Amna Illyas is one of those celebrities who is talented but is constantly in the news due to controversial statements or daring photoshoots. She is well-known for making politically incorrect statements in interviews, and some of her videos have sparked considerable debate. Amna is aware of the potential for controversy with her videos or statements, but she does not hesitate to post them. She has also been in the news for defending many of her controversial videos, such as the one in which she hit a young boy while doing a Tik Tok challenge.

Amna, like many of the other celebrities on the list, enjoys the attention. Being controversial is her way of staying in the news! Even though Amna appears to be an intelligent and talented individual, the way she enjoys stirring the pot is extremely disappointing.

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan became a controversial celebrity when he announced that he was leaving showbiz to pursue Islam, only to announce a few weeks later that his’sheikh’ had allowed him to continue his showbiz career! People obviously expected him to choose roles and stories that were more in line with his new ideology. However, nothing changed, and Feroze Khan received a lot of criticism every time he was seen in public wearing clothes that were inappr**opriate for someone who had declared to be on the right path.

His recent pictures and videos with Ushna Shah sparked controversy because the two were a little too close for comfort. Soon after, it was revealed that Ushna and Feroze were working on a drama together. Recently, a ‘leaked’ video of him drinking something from a bottle wrapped in paper went viral and was criticised. As it turned out, this was yet another publicity stunt by the actor, who has been relying on controversies to promote his projects!

Feroze Khan is also a contentious celebrity because, despite playing the lead in some of the most popular dramas, his acting abilities have been called into question by the public on multiple occasions! Many consider him an overrated actor, but there are those who watch dramas solely for him. Feroze Khan is becoming one of those celebrities who will do anything for attention, which is unfortunate.

Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood has been embroiled in one controversy or another since the beginning of her career. She did not hold back when responding to Sonya Hussyn and Sohail Javed after their first project together, and Faryal has proven since then that she is not afraid to speak her mind, even when it is inappr**opriate. She made a remark about Hareem Farooq’s weight on one of the talk shows, and she is still not sorry for it.

Her daring dance videos and outfits often elicit more criticism than anything else. She has also been seen arguing with people in the comments section. Faryal Mehmood is divisive because she refuses to conform to social norms. She recently displayed her tattoos on a show despite knowing that tattoos are not widely accepted by the public.

Faryal despises it when people criticise her, but she also continues to post videos that she knows will elicit criticism! She has stated several times that her life is nobody’s business and that she is unconcerned about the controversies.


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