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About Javeria

Name: Javeria Khanum
Real Age: Just 21
Born: In 2002
Husband: Sameer Khan
Nationality: Pakistani
Instagram: @Javeriakhanum

Getting to Know Javeria

Meet Javeria Khanum, a 21-year-old from Karachi, Pakistan. She recently made a big move to India to be with her fiancé, Sameer Khan.

The Journey

Javeria crossed into India through the Attari border on a Tuesday, greeted warmly by Sameer and his father Ahmed Kamal Khan Yousafzai. Next stop? Kolkata, after taking off from the Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport.

Visa Drama

Getting here wasn’t a cakewalk. The Indian government initially said ‘no’ to Javeria’s visa twice. But then, enter Maqbool Ahmed Wasi Qadian, a helpful guy who made sure the visa process happened. Thanks to him, Javeria got the green light to enter India.

Love Beats the Odds

The Love Story

Picture this: Javeria, a Pakistani girl, and Sameer, her Indian fiancé, defying the odds. They fell in love over five years ago when Sameer saw Javeria’s picture on his mom’s phone. Despite the visa hiccups, they got engaged in 2018.

Javeria Khanum Unveiled: From Biography to Instagram, Explore the Real Age and the Love-Filled Saga with Sameer

Facing Hurdles

The road to love wasn’t smooth. Sameer couldn’t believe his luck when Javeria finally arrived. They faced challenges due to border restrictions, but love conquered all.

The Arrival and Wedding Buzz

Javeria couldn’t contain her joy upon reaching India after a long wait. The Indian government granted her a 45-day visa for the wedding, set for the first week of January in Kolkata. Sameer couldn’t be happier — his dream is finally coming true with their marriage just around the corner.

In a nutshell, Javeria and Sameer’s love story is a real-life fairy tale, showing that love can overcome any obstacle, even bureaucratic ones and international borders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Javeria and Sameer’s Love Journey

Q1: Who is Javeria Khanum?

A: Javeria Khanum, a 21-year-old from Karachi, Pakistan, is the central figure in this heartwarming love story. She recently moved to India to be with her fiancé, Sameer Khan.

Q2: Who is Sameer Khan?

A: Sameer Khan is Javeria’s fiancé, residing in Kolkata, India. The couple got engaged back in 2018 and has overcome numerous challenges to be together.

Q3: How did Javeria make her way into India?

A: Javeria entered India through the Attari border, where she received a warm welcome from Sameer and his father-in-law, Ahmed Kamal Khan Yousafzai.

Q4: What obstacles did Javeria face during her journey?

A: Javeria encountered initial visa rejections from the Indian government. However, with the assistance of social worker Maqbool Ahmed Wasi Qadian, she successfully obtained a visa.

Q5: How long is Javeria’s visa valid for?

A: Javeria has been granted a 45-day visa by the Indian government, specifically for her wedding, scheduled to take place in the first week of January in Kolkata.

Q6: What’s the story behind Sameer and Javeria’s first meeting?

A: Sameer fell for Javeria’s charm when he saw her photo on his mother’s phone over five years ago. Despite facing challenges, they got engaged in 2018.

Q7: What role did Maqbool Ahmed Wasi Qadian play in this tale?

A: Maqbool Ahmed Wasi Qadian played a pivotal role in navigating the visa process for Javeria, offering crucial assistance that ultimately led to success.

Q8: When did Javeria express her joy upon arriving in India?

A: Javeria couldn’t contain her happiness upon arriving in India, expressing disbelief that her dream had finally come true after a wait of five and a half years.

Q9: How does Sameer feel about the impending marriage?

A: Sameer is overjoyed, stating that his long-awaited dream has come true after meeting Javeria, and the much-anticipated marriage is on the horizon.

Q10: What is the takeaway from Javeria and Sameer’s story?

A: Their journey is a powerful testament to the triumph of love over obstacles, showcasing the resilience and strength of their bond that transcends borders and bureaucratic hurdles.


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