Nora Fatehi was going to be victim of Oops moment

Every day, Nora Fatehi is the most talked-about person on social media. Sometimes it was due to her dancing, and other times it was due to her attire. In the pursuit of being fashionable, Nora occasionally has an oops moment.

Nora Fatehi’s identity has grown stronger over time in New Delhi. She is now one of Bollywood’s most famous faces. Nora, on the other hand, is famous for her fashion sense. She sometimes chooses outfits that cause her to have a Oops Moment in the pursuit of more experiments. When she was promoting her song, this happened once.

Nora Fatehi wore such short clothes

Nora Fatehi is widely regarded as Bollywood’s most daring actress. Every performance of hers is met with a flurry of applause from her ador However, in order to appear se**xy, she occasionally wears a dress that causes her to have an oops moment. When she was promoting her song ‘Pachtaoge,’ she had the same experience. She was dressed extremely modestly at the time.

Vicky Kaushal and Nora Fatehi’s song “Pachtaoge” became a smash hit. When Nora arrived for the song’s promotion, she was dressed in a shirt dress with a deep neckline. The actress was also unconcerned about the dress, despite the fact that she paid close attention to the length of it.

Uneasy about the outfit

Nora and Vicky’s dance video has gone viral on social media. Nora can be seen dancing on stage with Vicky’s hand in the video. Nora becomes uneasy about her dress as she bends down a little in one step and begins to fix it. While fixing Nora’s dress, the action was caught on camera. Nora was dressed in a pink one-piece, while Vicky was dressed in a black jacket.


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