Nora Fatehi reached stage Terence Lewis fell for her

Terence Lewis fell in love with Nora Fatehi when she appeared as a celebrity guest on the reality show India’s Best Dancer.

Nora Fatehi Dance: Without a doubt, Nora Fatehi is Bollywood’s dance queen. With her dancing and lovely beauty, she has won the hearts of her followers. Everyone is taken aback by her elegance everywhere she goes. Terence Lewis went through a similar experience. Terence was completely swept away by Nora when she appeared as a celebrity guest on the reality show India’s Best Dancer.

Terence had been enchanted by Nora’s attractiveness, and she was not keeping her emotions hidden from her. Terence’s incredible tune with Nora astounded Geeta and Malaika Arora, and she left no stone untouched in her attempts to torment Terence. Geeta really asks Nora how she feels about going to the concert, and she responds by gazing at Terence. I’ve missed all of you.

Geeta adds a spice of Nora to this, stating, “If you’ve missed everyone, look at all of us and say, why are you saying this simply by looking at Terence?” On the subject of Geeta, Nora flushes. Then Nora proceeds towards her chair, Terence takes her hand and lowers her to the chair, but in the while, the song ‘First Love is First Time’ begins to play in the background, and he lifts Nora onto her lap.

When Terrence does this, Nora is astonished and blushes. Geeta and Malaika’s faces are equally powerful in the face of all of this. Let us remind you that Nora was a judge on India’s Best Dancer for a while when she formed a strong relationship with Terence. Both of them also performed several romantic dance routines on stage, which were well received by the audience.

Terrence looking back on Excited Nora. India’s Best Dancer



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