Nazish Jahangir: Reveals the reason “I can’t work bold projects”

Actress Nazish Jahangir has said that she has set her own limits for acting, she works within these limits. ?

Nazish Jahangir says that he started his career in theater and played all kinds of roles under duress but never got support for a bold role. Various suggestions were given to increase his popularity and he was told that They should keep their PR team, play a bold role and other similar suggestions were also given.

Explaining the bold work, she said that she would never wear short or semi-nud*e clothes in fashion shows. Just as she continues to advertise her wedding dress, she will also attend fashion shows on the same condition that she will not be given sleeveless or tight dresses.

Nazish Jahangir said he did not plan to hire a PR team nor did he need to buy followers on social media with the money at the moment.

He said that nowadays scripts are not very good but no one can do anything for the betterment of scripts and everyone has to work together to change the environment.

Some time ago, a well-known actress had announced that she would not act due to recent scripts, but after 6 months, she worked on the rejected script, because she had no other option.

She named Ali Abbas, Bilal Abbas and Wahaj Ali as the best actors while Sajjal Ali and Saba Qamar as the best actresses. Out of all the actresses she has worked with so far, she considers herself the best actress. The actress also shared details about her life and film in the program.

She said that she was born in Islamabad but moved to Karachi to pursue a career in showbiz and confined herself for several months. She did not even go to the beach for seven months. Less is more, she likes all her physical features and she will never undergo any kind of make-up surgery.


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