Monalisa, a Bhojpuri actress, publicly slapped her husband viral video

Monalisa, a Bhojpuri celebrity, has a massive fan base. Her social media followers are many. The actress also frequently posts images and videos with her followers, which quickly become viral. Meanwhile, a video of Monalisa has gone viral, leaving viewers speechless. The actress is seen hitting her spouse Vikrant Singh in the footage.

husband’s hand was raised

Monalisa’s video showing her abusing her spouse in this manner has gone viral on social media. In the video, Monalisa lifts her hand to smack a girl, as her husband Vikrant approaches and clutches her hand. When Monalisa smacks Vikrant with her other hand, forcing her to fall to the ground and open the door, both of them glance at each other fiercely.

This video is going viral

Those who have taken this video seriously should be informed that it was shot sarcastically. On a lighter note, the pair posted it on their social media account. Monalisa captioned the video, ‘Good baby, this will save you,’ when she shared it. On the video, users are leaving amusing remarks.

Monalisa is the fan favourite.

Although this is not the first time Monalisa has shared such films on social media, she has done so in the past. He recently posted her beach outfit, which was well received by admirers. Monalisa is well-known for her unique style.


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