Mawra Hocane must watch the video that Shahbaz Sharif, 71, “deep-scans”

The video of Shahbaz Sharif X-raying “deep-scans” Mawra Hocane while presenting the award went viral on social media.

In spite of Pakistan’s challenges, Mawra Hocane maintains her optimism

Recently, the actress Mawra Hocane used Twitter to express her thoughts on the difficulties Pakistan is currently facing and the current situation there.

Despite the problems facing the country, she discussed the struggle to remain grateful and upbeat. She also mentioned that many people in the entertainment industry have been both patriotic and critical of the issues facing the country.

Mawra Hussain discussed the difficulty of remaining upbeat when confronted with brand-new difficulties every day and emphasised the significance of gratitude.

She encouraged interdependence by asking her followers how they stay optimistic. Mawra co-stars in the drama series “Neem” alongside other accomplished actors.


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