Malaika Arora performed a bo*ld dance with Terence.

Malaika Arora and Terence Lewis dance: Malaika Arora released a video of herself dancing with choreographer Terence Lewis on Instagram.

New Delhi, India Malaika Arora understands how to capture the attention of the audience, whether it’s through her style or her se*xy dancing movements. The actress has dominated the profession with her athleticism, confidence, and sense of style. She wears every dress in such a way that social media is in a frenzy. In this instance, he caused a stir by uploading a dancing video with Terence Lewis.

‘Hey ladies, put that down,’ Terence remarked.
Malaika Arora just shared an Instagram video with choreographer Terence Lewis. Both of them can be seen dancing to ‘Hey Ladies Drop It Down’ in the video. Malaika showed off her sensual dancing talents while dressed in a silver-shimmery gown. Terence danced vigorously while wearing a mustard jacket and jeans.

Lighten the gloomy atmosphere
‘Snacking on short clips between judging acts!’ tweeted choreographer Terence, who shared the footage. Our dazzling contestants’ hard dancing should brighten the mood at times.’ This video quickly went viral. Fans began to remark on this.

Malaika is a fitness expert.
Let us inform you that Malaika Arora frequently posts videos on Instagram to inspire her followers, particularly ladies. She is always giving her fans fitness objectives. Malaika has previously posted a ‘Girl Power’ video while discussing women. ‘I am feminine, I am fearless, I am se*xy, I am heavenly, I am invincible, I am creative,’ Malika stated in the video.


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