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Machhli, the latest web series from the popular OTT platform Ullu, is making waves with its unique blend of romance, drama, and fantasy. With Priyanka Chaurasia leading the cast, this series promises an engaging and thrilling viewing experience.

Plot Summary

Machhli revolves around the passionate love story of Palak and Tanmay. Determined to marry despite their families’ disapproval, the couple decides to elope and seek refuge in a love hostel. However, this seemingly safe haven holds dark secrets. As Palak uncovers the mysterious disappearances of couples from the hostel, the story takes an unexpected turn, combining romance with elements of suspense and fantasy.

Reasons to Watch Machhli on Ullu

Engaging Narrative: The story of Machhli is a refreshing mix of romance, drama, and fantasy, offering viewers a unique plot with unexpected twists.
Talented Cast: The series stars Priyanka Chaurasia alongside Sanyam Rohilla (Tanmay), Gaurav Singh (Guddu), and Minakshi Devi (Mehek), bringing life to their characters with compelling performances.
High Production Quality: Known for its high production standards, Ullu ensures that Machhli provides a visually stunning and immersive experience.
Exclusive Content: Available only on the Ullu app, Machhli offers exclusive content for subscribers looking for innovative and original web series.

Machhli Part 02 | Official Ullu Trailer

Machhli Part 02 | Official Ullu Trailer

Cast and Crew Details

Main Cast: Priyanka Chaurasia, Sanyam Rohilla (Tanmay), Gaurav Singh (Guddu), Minakshi Devi (Mehek)
Language: Hindi
Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Release Date: 12 April 2024
Season: 1
Number of Episodes: 4
Episode Runtime: 25 Minutes
Director: N/A

Machhli | Part – 02 | Official Trailer Youtube

Episode Insights

Machhli web series consists of four episodes, each with a runtime of around 25 minutes. This concise format ensures a tightly woven narrative that keeps viewers engaged throughout the series.

Machhli Part 02 | Official Ullu Trailer

How to Watch

To watch Machhli, download the Ullu app from your app store and subscribe to their service. Ullu App is known for its diverse range of original content, and Machhli is a stellar addition to their lineup.


Machhli is not just another love story; it’s an intricate blend of romance, drama, and fantasy with a thrilling twist. With a captivating storyline, exceptional cast, and high production values, it’s set to become a favorite among Ullu viewers. Don’t miss out on this engaging series—stream Machhli on the Ullu app today!


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