Maal Paani S3xy Sauda Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story, All Episodes

All episodes of the Maal Paani S3xy Sauda web series were released on the Big M Zoo app. The web series featured the story of openly gay couples hiding from family against the backdrop of urban India. Ruks Khandagale, Soniya Jha, Gaurav, Sumit Kumar, and Tarakesh Chauhan are playing the lead characters in the web series Maal Paani S3xy Sauda.

Maal Paani S3xy Sauda is an entertaining and narrative-driven web series, especially in light of the Big M Zoo app’s ability to produce captivating stories. Maal Paani S3xy Sauda, a web series with two 20-25 minute episodes, has been released by Big M Zoo. On November 11, 2022, the Maal Paani S3xy Sauda web series will premiere.

The Big M Zoo app is well-liked because it depicts private moments in unusual ways. Two scenes that are parallel to one another open the series. With lots of kissing and hugs, Ruks Khandagale and Soniya Jha demonstrated their strong chemistry. Simultaneously, Sumit Kumar and Gaurav displayed their lovely chemistry in an exotic gay love scene.

Maal Paani Web Series Plot – S3xy Sauda

According to the Maal Paani S3xy Sauda web series’ official synopsis, two gay couples chose lavender marriages in order to please their families. When their father learned the truth, their love story took an awkward turn and he requested an inappropriate proposal.

The opening scene of the first episode of the Maal Paani S3xy Sauda Web Series features Soniya Jha and Ruks Khandagale. Maal Paani S3xy Sauda, however, presents an intense gay scene that is ground-breaking even for a local OTT platform.

The teaser suggested that Tarakesh Chauhan and Ruks Khandagale and Soniya Jha might have a three-way romance.

The amazing screen presence of Soniya Jha and Ruks Khandagale made the show worth binge-watching. Fans are eagerly anticipating another Big M Zoo app announcement following the web series’ enormous success, Maal Paani S3xy Sauda.

Web series cast for Maal Paani S3xy Sauda

Ruks Khandagale,
Soniya Jha,
Sumit Kumar,
Tarakesh Chauhan

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The content strategy of the Big M Zoo app has undergone some significant changes. They are thinking up thrilling tales and heinous scenes. In their web series Maal Paani S3xy Sauda, Ruks Khandagale, and Soniya Jha left nothing to the imagination.

The announcements for the upcoming Big M Zoo web series are also eagerly anticipated by fans. They had previously released the well-liked Maal Paani Andha Sasur starring Tarakesh Chauhan, Pallavi Debnath, and Ruks Khandagale.

Enjoy the passionate three-way romance scene and exotic tongue-play starring Tarakesh Chauhan, Soniya Jha, and Ruks Khandagale.


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