Khushi Kapoor shows us her bedroom.

Khushi Kapoor showed off her bedroom to her admirers in a recent Instagram photo. Khushi was wearing a brown bodycon dress when the shot was taken in the bedroom.

The snapshot that was shared on Sunday has four unique portions. Khushi has opted to keep her surroundings simple and uncomplicated.

A bed was placed in the centre of the room, with intricate carvings on the headboard and beneath the mattress. There was also a bedside table that matched the bed.

Her bed was made up of faded white sheets, with a scattered blanket on top. Her kitchen cabinets were just next to her bed. The chocolate brown hardwood doors also had carvings. The cabinets, on the other hand, were far more manageable than the bed.

At the far end of the shot, you can see Khushi’s shoe collection. She had a closet full of shoes, with the top shelf dedicated just to her high heels. Khushi’s beloved puppy may be spotted in the background. The room’s flooring was constructed of wood.


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