Justice for Ameer Balaj Tipu: Lahore’s Call to Action

The sordid tale of Lahore’s underworld took a gruesome turn with the targeted assassination of Ameer Balaj Tipu, a 34-year-old influential figure and owner of a goods transport network. Steeped in a history of violence and familial vendettas, the Tipu family faced another tragic chapter as Balaj was fatally shot during a wedding ceremony, leaving the city in shock.


Ameer Balaj Tipu, son of the late Arif Amir, alias Tipu Truckanwala, inherited a legacy marked by bloodshed. His father’s demise in 2010 at the Allama Iqbal airport, coupled with the historical feud that claimed the life of Balaj’s grandfather, painted a tumultuous backdrop to his own tumultuous life.

The Assassination:

The chilling incident unfolded during a seemingly joyous occasion, a wedding ceremony in Lahore’s Chung area. An assailant, cleverly disguised as a guest, opened fire on Ameer Balaj Tipu and two other guests. In a swift response, Balaj’s security guard eliminated the attacker, but not before the underworld figure and two other guests sustained severe injuries.

Meet Ameer Balaj Tipu: Age, Family, and More
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Investigation and Outrage:

Following the assassination, authorities cordoned off the crime scene, initiating an exhaustive investigation to unravel the motives behind the attack. Despite the swift response, no arrests have been made, leaving the identity and motivations of the assailant shrouded in mystery. The untimely demise of Ameer Balaj Tipu has evoked a torrent of emotions, with his supporters expressing outrage and grief.

Legal Proceedings:

In the aftermath, a case has been registered against four unidentified assailants, based on the complaint filed by Mussab Balaj, Ameer’s younger brother. The application points fingers at Khawaja Tareef, alias Teefi Butt, and Khawaja Aqeel, alias Gogi Butt, alleging an ongoing enmity that was cited by the attackers before the fatal shooting.

Funeral and Legacy:

Ameer Balaj Tipu’s death leaves a void in the underworld hierarchy of Lahore. Survived by a grieving wife and two sons, his funeral prayers are scheduled to take place at Shah Alam Chowk after Asr prayers. The legacy of the Tipu family, marred by violence, casts a somber shadow over the city’s criminal landscape.


The targeted assassination of Ameer Balaj Tipu exposes the intricate web of violence and vendettas that characterizes Lahore’s underworld. As investigations unfold, the city is left grappling with the repercussions of a dark and tumultuous history that continues to haunt the Tipu family and the criminal landscape they were a part of.


Q: Who was Ameer Balaj Tipu?

A: Ameer Balaj Tipu was a 34-year-old prominent figure in Lahore’s underworld and the owner of a goods transport network. He was the son of Arif Amir, also known as Tipu Truckanwala.

Q: How did Ameer Balaj Tipu meet his end?

A: Ameer Balaj Tipu was shot dead during a wedding ceremony in Lahore’s Chung area. The assailant, disguised as a guest, was promptly killed by Balaj’s security guard.

Q: What is the family history of Ameer Balaj Tipu?

A: Ameer Balaj Tipu’s father, Arif Amir (Tipu Truckanwala), was a victim of a fatal attack in 2010. The family had a history of violence, with Balaj’s grandfather also killed in an age-old feud.

Q: What is the current status of the investigation?

A: The police have sealed off the crime scene and initiated a thorough investigation to determine the motive behind the murder. As of now, no arrests have been made.

Q: Who filed the complaint regarding the assassination?

A: Mussab Balaj, one of Ameer Balaj Tipu’s younger brothers, filed the complaint. The application named Khawaja Tareef (Teefi Butt) and Khawaja Aqeel (Gogi Butt) as the alleged assailants.

Q: How did the supporters react to Ameer Balaj Tipu’s death?

A: The sudden death sparked fury among his supporters, with heart-wrenching scenes witnessed at the hospital where some condemned the perpetrators.

Q: What legal actions have been taken so far?

A: A case has been registered against four unidentified assailants based on Mussab Balaj’s complaint. The application claims that the assailant was killed by his accomplices after mentioning Ameer’s enmity with Teefi and Gogi Butt.

Q: When and where will Ameer Balaj Tipu’s funeral prayers be held?

A: Ameer Balaj Tipu’s funeral prayers are reportedly scheduled to be held after Asr prayers at Shah Alam Chowk.

Q: What family does Ameer Balaj Tipu leave behind?

A: Ameer Balaj Tipu leaves behind a wife and two sons.


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