Celebrity Update: Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Third Marriage Confirmed

In the dynamic landscape of Pakistani media, few personalities shine as brightly as Iqrar Ul Hassan. Renowned for his multifaceted talents as both a host and news anchor, he has been a fixture on ARY News Channel for numerous years, captivating audiences with his live programs and insightful reporting.

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s ‘Sar e Aam’ ARY

At the heart of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s success lies his ability to craft a distinct identity within the realm of hosting. His show ‘Sar e Aam’ stands as a testament to his innovative approach, garnering praise for its engaging content and fearless exploration of pressing issues.

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Marital Journey

Beyond the glitz and glamor of his professional life, Iqrar Ul Hassan’s personal journey has also captured public interest, particularly his marital escapades. Amidst speculation and intrigue, it’s revealed that Iqrar has embarked on a journey of matrimony not once, not twice, but thrice.

Aroosa Khan Confirms Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage Amidst Speculation

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Third of Marriage

What’s perhaps most fascinating about Iqrar Ul Hassan’s matrimonial tale is the convergence of his spouses’ professions. From Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar to Farah Iqar, both share his passion for journalism. The latest addition to this unique constellation is Uroosa Khan, marking the beginning of his third marriage.

Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage Confirmed by Aroosa Khan
credit goes to Aroosa Khan instagram
Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage Confirmed by Aroosa Khan
credit goes to Aroosa Khan instagram
Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage Confirmed by Aroosa Khan
credit goes to Aroosa Khan instagram
Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage Confirmed by Aroosa Khan
credit goes to Aroosa Khan instagram

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Dynamics of Domesticity

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s family dynamics paint a picture of complexity and richness. While his first marriage bore fruit in the form of a son named Pehlaaj, subsequent unions with Farah Iqar and Uroosa Khan have yet to follow suit, adding layers of intricacy to his familial tapestry.

 Iqrar-ul-Hassan's 3rd Marriage Confirmed by Reliable Source

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Confirmation

After much speculation and conjecture, Iqrar Ul Hassan finally addressed rumors surrounding his third marriage. In a candid interview with a popular YouTube channel, he confirmed his union with Arusa Khan, offering insights into his approach to managing multiple marriages.

Delving Into Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Insights

Through the lens of his interview, viewers gain a deeper understanding of Iqrar Ul Hassan‘s motivations and convictions. His nuanced portrayal sheds light on the intricacies of his personal life, inviting reflection and dialogue.

Your Take on Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Journey

As the dust settles on the revelation of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s third marriage, the public discourse rages on. Are you intrigued by his choices? Do you commend his transparency? Share your thoughts and perspectives, and become part of the ongoing conversation surrounding Iqrar Ul Hassan’s remarkable journey.


Q: Who is Iqrar Ul Hassan?

A: Iqrar Ul Hassan is a renowned host and news anchor in Pakistan, known for his work on ARY News Channel.

Q: How many marriages has Iqrar Ul Hassan had?

A: Iqrar Ul Hassan has been married three times.

Q: What are the names of Iqrar Ul Hassan’s wives?

A: His wives are Qurat Ul Ain, Farah Iqar, and Uroosa Khan.

Q: Does Iqrar Ul Hassan have children?

A: Yes, he has a son named Pehlaaj from his first marriage.

Q: Did Iqrar Ul Hassan confirm his third marriage?

A: Yes, he confirmed his marriage to Uroosa Khan in an interview.

Q: What is Iqrar Ul Hassan’s hosting style known for?

A: He is known for his unique hosting style, particularly in his show ‘Sar e Aam’.

Q: How does Iqrar Ul Hassan manage his multiple marriages?

A: He claims to manage his marriages in a balanced way, as stated in his interview.


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