In a recent viral video, is Khawaja Asif’s daughter dancing erratically?

New audio and video leaks have tarnished Pakistani politics, and in the midst of the never-ending leaks saga, a video clip purporting to be of the country’s defense minister’s daughter has appeared online.

PTI trolls and social media users widely circulated a 30-second clip from what appears to be a nightclub in which the outspoken minister Khawaja Asif is mocked for having “dual standards,” with many referencing the PML-N official’s earlier comments in which he made fun of women who cheered at PTI rallies.

A woman is seen cutting shapes in the video clip while wearing a black blazer and red culottes. In the video, which was captured by another clubgoer using a handheld camera, the girl’s hands flailed wildly and swung in time to the beats. Other clubgoers could also be seen shaking their legs in the footage.

The video appears to show revelers in a nightclub enjoying themselves amid flashing lights and Punjabi music, but PTI activists and PML-N detractors who shared it online without verifying its accuracy created havoc.

Is this Khawaja Asif’s daughter dancing in new viral video?

The propaganda was further spread for the sake of views by a number of YouTubers and influencers who joined the fray and unjustly criticized a member of Sharif’s cabinet.

Some social media users disproved the claim that the image was from an Indian dance party while Khawaja Asif and other PML-N leaders remained mum about the smear campaign.

khawaja asif daughter Uncensored Full HD dance Video viral

As the trend spread, some users criticized political rivals for stooping to a new low as these leaks surfaced with the change of the calendar, and both PTI and PML-N were targeted. Since the ruling party has continued to criticize Imran Khan’s personal life, it appears that it was shared in an effort to harm Khawaja Asif’s and the PML-N’s political standing. Asif is one of the party’s most senior members.

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