In a bathing suit, Actress Radhika Madan is “Just Pooling Around”

In Goa, India, Radhika Madan is taking in stunning views. The lovely 27-year-old actress shared pictures of herself on social media while relaxing by a pool while donning a stunning red bikini, with the caption “Just pooling around.” How does she manage to stay in such great shape? Continue reading to learn 5 ways Madan stays in shape and the images that demonstrate they are effective. Also, be sure to check out the 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos to help you get beach-ready.

Tabata workouts are her favorite.

HIIT exercises like Tabata are a favorite of Madan’s. Exercise physiologist Katie Lawton, MEd, states that it “will jump your heart rate up pretty quickly.” “These minutes will seem to last forever. There is a lot of work packed into a short period of time, and you will feel it.” The lack of equipment required for Tabata is one advantage. In your hotel room, you can perform Tabata, according to Lawton.

Regarding healthy relationships, she is realistic.

Although Madan is realistic about what love looks like, he still seeks it out. “For me, right now, pyaar dosti nahi hai (love is not friendship),” she tells FilmFare, “but you know, you need to accept the person wholly.” “You must accept all of their shades of grey, not just the black and white. Woh Pyaar hota hai (that’s love) is when you fully accept someone as they are. So much so that it no longer fits my definition. When it first started, it was a checklist of their appearance and the flowers they sent. Your definition shifts when you gain life experience.”

Dance Is Her Passion

“I started dancing in the eighth grade. I used to dance in the back of the room while watching the floor “Madan claims. “One day, my teacher asked me to look in the mirror after being pulled to the front. After that, I was no longer the same person. Simply put, it gave me that assurance. I discovered while dancing that I have a light inside of me that no one can put out, and I just kept going after that.”

Her yoga practice

Yoga, which proponents claim has advantages for the mind and body, is something Madan is a devotee of. Maren Nyer, director of yoga studies at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard affiliate, says that yoga “packs a powerful punch.” Nyer teaches psychology at Harvard Medical School. “There are multiple things you receive. You receive training in strength and flexibility in addition to a type of meditation that helps you become more mindful the rest of the day.”


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