Hidayat Khilji Scandal Update: Forensic Evaluation for Recovered Girls’ Videos in Progress

The tranquility of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, has been shattered by a harrowing video scandal involving the alleged abduction and filming of explicit content featuring young girls. This article provides an in-depth exploration of the unfolding events, shedding light on the investigative efforts to expose the perpetrators behind this disturbing incident.

Initial Arrests and Allegations

Prompted by a mother’s distressing complaint, the Quetta police swiftly took action, apprehending two suspects—Hidayat Khilji and his brother Khalil. The arrests followed accusations of abduction and the dissemination of obscene videos on various platforms. Hidayat Khilji, purportedly the mastermind, has become the focal point of the ongoing investigation.

Pursuit of a Third Suspect

In the latest developments, law enforcement in Quetta has initiated targeted raids to capture a third suspect implicated in the scandal. With two suspects already in custody, authorities are determined to identify and apprehend any additional individuals connected to the illicit activities, intensifying their efforts to unravel the full extent of the operation.

Legal Proceedings and Detention

Both Hidayat Khilji and Khalil have been remanded by a local court for 14 days. The police are actively pursuing an extension of their remand to facilitate a thorough investigation. The discovery of explicit videos in Hidayat Khilji’s possession has heightened concerns, prompting authorities to expedite legal proceedings to address the gravity of the allegations.

Forensic Scrutiny for Authenticity

To validate the authenticity of the seized videos, the Quetta police have dispatched the material to a forensic lab in Lahore. The results of this examination are anticipated to provide critical insights into the origin and legitimacy of the videos, playing a crucial role in bolstering the case against the accused. Authorities are anxiously awaiting the forensic report to further guide their investigation.

Obscene Videos Involving Girls from Hidayat Khilji Case

Victim Narratives and Operation Tactics

At a press conference, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police in Quetta disclosed crucial details about the victims. Allegedly enticed with promises of employment, the victims were subjected to intoxication before falling prey to sexual assault. The accused, particularly Hidayat Khilji, are suspected of orchestrating a blackmailing racket, exploiting victims by recording explicit videos for subsequent extortion.

Community Response and Societal Impact

The revelation of the video scandal has triggered widespread public outcry and concern within the Quetta community. This section explores the broader societal impact of the incident, shedding light on the collective response and the measures being taken by authorities to address the emotional and psychological aftermath experienced by the victims.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Quetta Video Scandal Investigation

Q1: What is the Quetta Video Scandal?

A1: It involves the alleged abduction and filming of explicit content of young girls in Quetta.

Q2: Who are the main suspects?

A2: Hidayat Khilji and Khalil are the primary suspects.

Q3: Are there additional suspects?

A3: Yes, the police are actively pursuing a third suspect.

Q4: What legal actions have been taken?

A4: Hidayat Khilji and Khalil are remanded for 14 days; an extension is sought.

Q5: Status of forensic examination?

A5: Awaited; it will provide insights into the authenticity of seized videos.

Q6: How were victims targeted?

A6: Victims were lured with job promises, then subjected to intoxication and assault.

Q7: Community response?

A7: Widespread outcry; authorities addressing societal impact and supporting victims.

Q8: Measures for victims’ psychological impact?

A8: Counseling and support services are being offered.

Q9: When can we expect updates?

A9: Updates will be communicated by the Quetta police; timelines may vary.

Q10: How can the public assist?

A10: Share relevant information or leads through provided hotlines confidentially.


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