Gujrat experiences a s3xual assault scandal with Nursing course students

In the Gujrat district of Punjab, local police detained a hospital employee for intimidating nursing course students, according to a report on Saturday from the 24NewsHD TV channel.

Police detained the ECG technician at Aziz Bhatti Hospital and also found videos and pictures.

According to police, the accused continued to be involved in seducing the prospective nurses. A case has been filed, and an investigation is ongoing.

Gujrat is the scene of a sexual assault scandal.

His certificates were fake, sources claim.

Gujrat Hospital Nurses Uncensored Viral Video recover from Techncian Imran Ali

FIR against Technician Imran Ali in relation to the assault of nursing students

FIR filed against techncian Imran Ali in connection with the student assault scandal involving nursing

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