Government Blocks 18 OTT Platforms, Cracks Down on Obscene Content

In a bold move aimed at curbing the spread of inappropriate and objectionable content on over-the-top (OTT) platforms, the Government of India has initiated stringent measures. Led by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, this action follows repeated warnings issued to OTT platforms regarding the dissemination of obscene material.

Ministerial Warnings and Ministry’s Efforts

Union Minister Anurag Thakur had been vocal about the need to hold OTT platforms accountable for their content. Despite prior warnings and advisories, these platforms continued to stream objectionable material, prompting the Ministry to take decisive action.

Legal Framework and Basis for Action

The decision to block these platforms is grounded in multiple legal violations, including breaches of the IT Act, Indian Penal Code, and the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act. The government’s action underscores its commitment to upholding ethical standards in content dissemination.

Government Crackdown on Obscene Content

Comprehensive Action: Platforms and Associated Entities Targeted

Beyond blocking OTT platforms, the government has also taken action against associated websites, apps, and social media handles. This comprehensive approach reflects the seriousness with which the government views the issue.

List of Blocked OTT Platforms

The government has released a list of 18 OTT platforms that have been blocked, including well-known names such as Dreams Films, Voovi, and Yessma. This list highlights the extent of the crackdown.

  1. Dreams Films OTT platform
  2. Voovi OTT platform
  3. Yessma OTT platform
  4. Uncut Adda OTT platform
  5. Tri Flicks OTT platform
  6. X Prime OTT platform
  7. Neon X VIP OTT platform
  8. Besharams OTT platform
  9. Hunters OTT platform
  10. Rabbit OTT platform
  11. Xtramood OTT platform
  12. Nuefliks OTT platform
  13. MoodX OTT platform
  14. Mojflix OTT platform
  15. Hot Shots VIP OTT platform
  16. Fugi OTT platform
  17. Chikooflix OTT platform
  18. Prime Play OTT platform

Nature of Content: Offensive and Derogatory

The content hosted on these platforms was found to be offensive and derogatory, particularly towards women. Instances of explicit nudity and sexual scenes were prevalent, raising concerns about societal values and norms.

Legal Violations and Investigation Findings

An investigation revealed that the content on these platforms violated various sections of the IT Act, IPC, and the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986. Such violations necessitated swift and decisive action from the government.

Conclusion: Upholding Standards and Protecting Viewers

By taking action against OTT platforms disseminating inappropriate content, the government is reaffirming its commitment to upholding ethical standards in media. This move aims to protect viewers, especially vulnerable segments of society, and create a safer digital environment for all.

FAQs on India’s Crackdown on Obscene Content on OTT Platforms

Q: What action has the Government of India taken against OTT platforms showing obscene content?

A: The Government has blocked access to 18 OTT platforms, along with 19 websites, 19 apps, and 57 social media handles associated with them.

Q: Why has the Government taken this action?

A: The action was taken in response to persistent violations despite prior warnings issued to these platforms regarding the dissemination of obscene material.

Q: Who warned the OTT platforms about their content?

A: Union Minister Anurag Thakur had been vocal about the consequences awaiting OTT platforms indulging in the dissemination of obscene content.

Q: What laws were violated by these platforms?

A: Multiple laws were violated, including the IT Act, Indian Penal Code, and the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act.

Q: What kind of content was found on these platforms?

A: The content was found to be objectionable, featuring explicit nudity, sexual scenes, and derogatory content towards women.

Q: How many OTT platforms were blocked?

A: A total of 18 OTT platforms were blocked by the Government of India.

Q: What is the aim of this action?

A: The aim is to regulate OTT platforms and ensure the dissemination of responsible and ethical content, thereby fostering a safer digital environment for all viewers.


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