From Doraha to Jalebi Bai, all web series are available on the ULLU app.

Bold is one of the top 5 ULLU web series. Watch these breathtaking and private scenes alone on Saturday night from Doraha to Jalebi Bai in the ULLU web series. Videos OTT platforms are very popular at present. On these platforms, most films are released. Web series have begun to become increasingly popular since the advent of the digital age. Because the audience loves this type of content, the web series has plenty of romantic moments and hot, private scenes. The top 5 bold web series that was published on the ULLU app are what we have for you today.

Dorado web series

Four characters who encounter various degrees of difficulty are the subject of the television series. Two couples who are in love with each other but are also together. One of the characters, Shekhar, complicates things by eloping with another woman. Later, her brother provides for all of her sister-in-law’s needs and satisfies them. What follows, however, will transport you to a different planet. If you want to find out, watch this web series on ULLU. The lead actress in the series was Bharti Jha.

Mom and Daughter web series

Mother and daughter are the main characters in this series. With her daughter’s lover, the mother engages in physical contact. That is incredibly unusual. To find out what happens next in this series, watch it.

The Shahad web series

The Devar Bhabhi relationship is the subject of this web series. In this case, there are two brothers; the older brother marries, the younger brother stays single, and the latter develops feelings for his sister-in-law. However, during this time, his sister-in-law scratches his private area and then rubs honey on it. Compared to typical web series, this story is quite unique. To find out what happens next, we must wait until the release.

Jalebi Bai web series

A maid who will do anything for money is the subject of the tale. The woman has a very assertive appearance and uses her body for lust and greed. As the avaricious maid engages in physical contact with both her master and other people. To find out what happens next, watch this daring series now streaming on ULLU.

Siskiyaan I Palang Tod web series

An unusual relationship is the focus of the web series Palang Tod Siskiyan. The ‘daughter-in-law and father-in-law’s physical connection is the foundation of it. The actress Tarkesh Chauhan, who plays the series antagonist, co-stars with Noor Malbika in the series lead role. View this trendiest show on ULLU.


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