Farhan Akhtar wife Shibani Dandekar Pregnant?

Is Shibani Dandekar Pregnant? Farhan Akhtar’s wife’s pregnancy fake is explained: Shibani Dandekar recently made headlines when it was revealed that she was pregnant. Is the news genuine or simply a rumour? Let’s find out in this article. Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar, both Bollywood actors, rose to prominence while working in the profession. His supporters are familiar with him as a result of the profession he has chosen. On February 19, they married in a farmhouse near Khandala.

However, there is some rumour that the pair has opted to tie the knot for seven generations through the vow and ring ceremony, which circumvents all conventions. Shibani and Farhan met on a reality TV show, where they became friends and eventually got married. After that, the two’s love skyrocketed, and the knot was finally tied.

Is Shibani Dandekar Pregnant?

The couple’s images are suddenly making news. Everyone’s gaze was drawn to Shiban and Farhan’s brides in red and beige outfits. Shibani looked stunning at the moment, but most people’s attention was drawn to her tummy. They see that her stomach is expanding, which leads them to believe that she is pregnant. Many individuals also claim that she was hiding something from us and didn’t reveal it fully, which was very unacceptable.

People asked who her husband was when they heard the news. Is she having a partner with whom she has slept, or is this Farhan’s child? People are now perplexed by it. Everyone assumed she was pregnant after that. At this moment, someone is telling Shibani’s pregnancy is verified in a picture released on social media, while others are confused about her pregnancy. But what is the reality regarding her pregnancy news?

The reality behind Shibani’s wedding photo is that she is not pregnant. By judging from her bridal attire. Many people were misunderstood. The fact is that she is not pregnant. She’s either overweight or wearing an outfit that looks like she’s pregnant. Her pregnancy announcement was merely for laughs. Those who were spreading the word about Shibani’s pregnancy. This is not a true fact. These were just some scumbags that do it on a daily basis and advertise their website in order to make some money. Shibani’s stomach is only this way because of her outfit. Congratulations on the start of your new life, Farhan and Shibani.

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