Fans requested that URFI JAVED show her bo*lness after his latest project.

Urfi Javed isn’t worried about his identity right now. She has created a new identity for herself across the entire nation while also stunning everyone with her beauty. Every day, a new facet of the actress is revealed.

Urfi Javed will undoubtedly effect some change in the world of glamour, judging by her sense of style. Because she can make a dress out of anything and carry it flawlessly, her bravery is truly admired. Every day, the actress’s new persona astounds people. Even those who don’t like them in this circumstance will go to Urfi at least once.

A foil top was created by Urfi Javed this time.

Everybody has been taken aback by Urfi’s fashion choices once again. Urfi has removed her top once more. For Urfi, going without a top is no longer a big deal, but what she chooses to cover herself in is still crucial. During this particular scene, the actress is donning a clear plastic foil. Her use of this foil resulted in a one-shoulder crop top.

Surprised by Urfi Javed’s original top

Urfi has hidden by placing flowers in various locations in the center of this foil. The actress wore blue denim jeans with this unusual top.

Dark pink lipstick and shiny makeup finish off Urfi’s appearance. She is wearing silver earrings and has pulled her hair back into a high ponytail.

Video created by Urfi Javed in Attitude

Urfi has shot the trending reel with a full attitude while flaunting this look. While making videos, Urfi’s balance is also compromised by her high heels.


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